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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Surgery week 2:

Monday (minor OT)
Was really hoping there would be something posted for surgery where I could assist. But there were two cholecystectomies and one gastrojejunostomy (for stomach malignancy) and assisting in these kind of operations is the stuff of my dreams….wait a minute! Doing (leading) in these operations is THE stuff of my dreams. Anyways, the first gall bladder had around 30-35 small yellowish black stones and the procedure took about 2 hours and 4 people operating. The second gall bladder had a single large black stone and took only an hour for the complete procedure, courtesy Dr D (THE consultant) who removed the gall bladder in some 20-25 minutes from the time of incision. He taught about thinking about the next step in operations, to improve on procedure timings and to have a smooth flow during the procedure. Had the privilege of seeing him operating from close quarters, makes surgery look like a poetry recital.
In the evening I went out with class mates for the movie ‘Guru’ at starcity. Good movie but could’ve been better (3/5)

Tuesday (ward rounds and minor surgery)
Just did the collections (blood draws) and went. Went out with a couple of friends to ‘Five Spice’ and gorged on crispy chicken, Mongolian pot rice and (drumroll) brownie with hot chocolate sauce and icecream………ymmmm. Watched the movie ‘Blood Diamond at ‘New Empire’. Its an Amazing movie (4/5) with fabulous performances. If only the seats were comfortable, but then who can complain if the upper stall seats were only for Rs 55/- (believe me I need every paisa after buying the book ‘Tales from the firozsha bag by Rohinton Mistry)
Less work + bought book + good movie + good food + (most importantly) great friends….. I think it was a perfect day

Wednesday + Thursday (emerg and post emerg)
This was one of the worst emerg duties I have attended. Lots of admissions in OPD and patients wit major acute conditions trickling in throught the day and night. Because of this the elective procedures who were waiting for days, got stalled. Besides the operation theatre is closed this Friday because of republic day (we’ll be a third world country even 50 years down the line…. This sucks). Dint get a wink to sleep and the trauma reg took advantage of me…………………….before your imagination runs wild, he made me do sutures, catheterisations, blood draws when I was supposed to be somewhere else. Unlike last week, I made 4-5 trips to the CT scan centre which really ‘fired’ the night. I really doubt if the scans help in patient management considering the machine is located about 300 meters from the trauma centre, scans are postponed if the radiology people are in the middle of meal not to mention the bumpy ride because of old rickety stretchers and Indian roads. Had a bad time doing the post emerg collections (total 25… that’s a lot for surgery department). Dint report after the collections were over and went straight for home at 10am. Slept the whole day and the night.

I celebrated independence on the republic day and dint go to the hospital. There was no work and no teaching scheduled.

On the houseman’s special request I went early (7:30 am) to the emergency ward for morning collections. Reaching there, I found that the collections were of a different unit. I grumbled a little (mostly to myself) but feeling my conscience prick and my registrar stare I did the job quicky and reached the ward for MORE collections. Left the hospital after that. Went to the STRAND SALE with a couple of friends and found the book I was looking for since a while, COMPLICATIONS - Dr ATUL GAWANDE, notes from the life of a young surgeon. I hope to get some insights on surgery and surgeons through this book. Then we went to chowpaty beach and were thrilled to see an air show by the Indian naval air force. We were at the right place at the right time. Had strawberries and cream at the sea face (I’m having way too much fun and consuming way too many calories for my own health).

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Blogger anuja said...


Nice blog:) I was really surprised to see a surgical resident taking out time to maintain a blog... Way to go!
I loved your description of our medical system which is definitely vitiated.
I wish I can lay my hands on 'Complications' soon too:) Heard its a great book..

Best of luck for ur future,

9:59 PM  
Blogger brocasarea said...

learning emergency is real hell!..u shd see victoria hospital inn bangalore!..its living hell!!!!!!!!

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Vipul said...

nice post
pretty long though
keep postin!

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anupam said...

Dear Doctor, Check out doctors.meraMD.com where other Indian doctors are blogging.. maybe that will inspire you to continue blogging!

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

3:54 PM  

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