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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Surgery week 1:

As this is my first choice in terms of speciality, I have been waiting for this posting for months. It got delayed a bit because I have taken 2 week repeat and will complete half of my central surgery posting in march. I feel bad about this for two reasons. One, I did not use the two weeks off for any great purpose. Two, I’ll have to do the remaining two weeks in march.

Day 1 (15th Jan – Monday)
Schedule: minor/single table OT

I reached the OT at about 9 and was in two minds as to weather I should enter the OT. This is because the interns are usually made to run around for tracing reports, ward work etc. This would involve getting in and out of ‘changes’. Still, I entered hoping against hope of such an occurrence. I met the housesurgeon and he introduced me to the registrars, lecturer and the head of department (lets call him Dr D). It was really funny the way the HOD asked me to lower my mask so that he can see my face. HODs are rarely interested in recognising interns by face. Apparently the unit had shortage of staff and I was asked to ‘wash up’. Wow, this was turning out to be a productive exercise. I assisted the housesurgeon in three hydrocele operations (lord’s procedure). I could barely believe my luck. Actually I almost did the third procedure myself. I’m promise I would be given the next hydrocele procedure completely to myself, provided time permits. The unit was pretty impressed with my assisting skills and concluded that my primary interest is in ‘general surgery’.

Day 2 (16th Jan – Tuesday)
Schedule: ward rounds and minor surgery

I went in a little late to avoid doing blood collections. The HO complained about it and asked me to come earlier the next day but I have no intentions of obliging. I know this sounds nasty as I should reciprocate the opportunity to assist given the previous day. I was sent to the minor surgery dept so that a doctor is present there if anybody asks. Not that I can manage even the minor procedures myself. Saw the mama do dressings, suture removal (did a few myself) etc. Attended the rounds with the Dr D, who is considered one of the GODs of surgery, in my institution. I absorbed everything he said like a sponge. Then I, the reg and Dr D went to the canteen after the rounds. I’m told this is the tradition of my unit. The three of us have coffee which Dr D pays for…. Wow! free coffee! He also inquired about me. Where do I stay?... etc The advice Dr D gave will stay with me forever.

Day 3 and 4 (17th Jan and 18th Jan – Wednesday and Thursday)
Schedule – OPD and Emerg

Reached OPD at 9ish. Saw a few cases like hydrocele, hernia and ulcers. OPD was heavy. I was sent to bring a patient to x-ray dept for she was scheduled for a T-tube cholangiogram. Again saw a few cases in OPD before leaving for lunch. Went to Emergency Medical Services section at 2.30 pm. Couldn’t contact my HO as my mobile service is down due to non submission of some document in a hutch shop. This sucks majorly as it creates many problems for the unit and me in maintaining contact about my whereabouts. Had only one patient to accompany for CT scan. That’s good news in surgery emerge.
A final year medical student came in with injury over the big toe. Half of her toe nail was avulsed and needed to be removed. Tried my best to placate her while the HO did a fine job in nail removal. LA was not used as it would involve multiple pricks of the needle and the nail removal seemed a 20 second job.
Saw orchidectomy of a patient with swelling of the testis…. His only remaining testis... Quite surprising was the reg joking about it with the patient (what will you do with the gun now that you have no ammunition). It was appalling.
Slept about 90 minutes in EMS and 90 minutes in lobby of medicine dept. Thank God for a single CT scan.
Had some 25 collections in the morning which went smoothly.
Was not feeling sleepy so attended rounds with Dr D and then to the canteen for free coffee… again, had a healthy dose of words of wisdom from the chief.

Day 5 (19th Jan - Friday)
Schedule – major/double table OT

Again assisted in hydrocele(bilateral). I’m told that if time permits, i’ll get the opportunity to operate a hydrocele by myself with the HO assisting. Looking forward to it. Saw cystoscopy done on two patients. Had to run to patho dept in between to trace a patient’s biopsy report.

Day 6 (20th Jan – Saturday)
Schedule – post OT/ward rounds

Was made to take two patients to USG dept for sonographies of chest, abdomen and pelvis for fluid collections. Was tough with only one porter helping patients, both of whom were taken on wheelchairs. Took a long time (about two hours). What a waste of a day.

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Anonymous spri said...

Lucky you.. Till now at least...
looking forward to the march edition of this 'post'.

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