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Sunday, November 05, 2006


what is the role of a superspecialist in the india healthcare scenario? whats the use of a neurologist if he sends his patient to a cardiologist for the high BP and to a endocrinologist for his diabetes!!! if thats the case why dont we have direct cardiology training, why go through 3 years of internal medicine? super specialists cannot shy away from their duties of treating conditions in which they were primarily trained. there are a lot of risks and patient management problems due to multiple referrals. to read further check out the link http://www.indegene.com/Main/Issues/indIssues21.asp?type=Main
the above post is relevant to the developing countries like india. i cannot comment for other places.


Blogger spriha said...

The last line is the best. Rest of the article doesn't sound genuine to me.Being a specialist doesn't mean that you know nothing beyond your degree.It is always stressed that u hv to c d body as a whole.
Even a neurosurgeon shud b able to diagnose an MI and know when a patient needs nebulization.But of course, if needn't go ahead n do a by-pass.
Practice makes one perfect.N thats al specialization is about.The word of sumone who's more experienced n knowledgeable in a field certainly carries more weightage.
I feel a whole yr of rotating internship in a good hospital shud enable future specialists to at least identify the serious from the-not-so-serious.
Secondly, the use of technology makes the diagnosis more objectiv n scientifically sound.I don feel the need to memorize al the stroke syndromes wen i hav a ct scan at hand.
All said, clinical assessment is the first step in pt management.Its ridiculous to even think of skipping it.

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