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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


in march i began my first major internship rotation in central medicine . in my unit, the houseman used to give me the list of patients whose plbs was to be done at 1pm, about 2 hours after they have had their lunch.

there was this elder man with uncontrollable diabetes who had tobe PLBSed every noon. my houseman who was a real prick (pun intended)had not used spirit for his collections before me joining the posting. as a result he had developed skin infections one one of his arms. i dressed the ulcers and used aseptic techniques to collect blood henceforth. the guy's daughter who used to take care of him was really impressed with me as no further ulcers/infections developed. all went fine and the patient was discharged a week or so later.

i'm sitting in the casualty in casualty posting(duh!). and the same man is brought with dizziness and fainting. on hearing the history of severe DM the CO admits him. the med housie takes the history and orders the intern posted to collect blood samples. this lady comes running to me and begs me to come over to do the collections. although i felt happy that she remembers me, i was sad the next moment thinking how cruel some pple can be (my ex-housman). i was just doing my duty.

(circa november) passing through dharavi, i was crossing the mahim bridge where i saw a familiar face. on looking at me she seemed like she saw one too. we recognised each other. she asked about me and i asked about her dad. it was really heartwarming to be remembered like this. guess who was smiling on his way back home?


Anonymous spriha said...

M proud of u buddy!! :-)

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Kedar said...

Khush toh bahut hoge tum haainnnn!!!!

12:08 PM  
Blogger samip dattani said...

yes.. both for the incident and your comenting on this blog

2:06 PM  
Blogger Shiva said...

Well written... I know that smiling feeling... I had a similar experience too:)

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done boy.....im proud of u....

4:23 PM  

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